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2018 Dempsey Challenge

PT Down With Disease

Welcome to Team PT Down with Disease! The "PT" stands for "Positive Tracks", which is a youth-empowering fundraising organization, whose focus is to encourage youth to get involved in community-building events and fundraising. We do this in a unique way--by having our musicians host fundraising concerts at a variety of locations. We raise funds by sharing our talents in the community. So be on the lookout for our next one! It could be at Gritty's, the Franco Center, or at a variety of other places in the Lewiston/Auburn area.

Thank you for helping our cause, and for helping us raise money for the Dempsey Center. Because we are a Positive Tracks team, all money we raise will be matched, dollar for dollar!

Adults are welcome to join the team, too, though. We must maintain a roster of at least 50% youth under the age of 23, but we have several adults on the team, too. And although several members of our team are "Virtual Participants", we have many kids involved in cycling, running, and/or walking events. And of course, we have many adults who are riding or running or walking, too. So there will be many people to participate with at the Challenge!

See you at the next concert!


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