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2019 Dempsey Challenge

Carries KCA Squad

Thank you for visiting our 2019 Carrie's KCA Squad Dempsey Challenge team page. Many of you know of our beginning but for those of you who don't, my wife Carrie was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2015. As you can imagine it hit us pretty hard, especially when it came to explaining what was going to happen to our girls Abby and Alyssa, who at the time were 7 and 5. Our explanation seemed to go well and even were able to lighten the news with promises of letting them shave mommy's head at some point. As that sunk in the reality hit and they were devestated. We immediately made a trip to the Dempsey Center and met with Tookie at the healing tree program. With their help we were able to fully engge the kids in what was going on and that we could work through this as a family and Mommy would be fine.

After Carrie's mastectomy and some recovery her treatments began. She began attending the women's group, classes as well as receiving massages with the kids. The Dempsey became a very important part of our lives with what they had to offer not just Carrie but the whole family.

All of this is at no cost. Its hard for people who have not had to use the services they offer just how important this is.

Since our 1st meeting in 2015 we did realized the value and how imprtant the center is to the diagnosed individual as well as those around them. Now it is our time to give back and make sure these services continue to be available in the future as well as the ability to help develop new programs while continuing to be at no cost to the families.

Please help us in reaching our goal and join us in the weekends events as well. Abby and I will do the 5k and the 25 mile bike ride again, Carrie and Alyssa will be doing the 5k and the 10 mile bike this year. Throughout the year we will also be holding a number of events and a meal or two fundraisers. You can send me a message here or my email if you would like to be made aware when we are doing events.

Abby will also continue her Change Challenge by collecting any pocket change or coins you have laying around on the counter or in your car. Last year she collected just over $1,000.

Once again thank you for visiting and we hope you join our team and help us reach our goal.


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