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2019 Dempsey Challenge

Furr's & Cures

A few weeks ago, Emma and I were thrown very unexpected news. Not by just one of our loved ones, but TWO, within a few weeks of each other. It has been absolutely heartbreaking and emotional. And it has just begun.

We decided through these tragic events, we would like to help the best we can to support the Dempsey Center. The Dempsey Center is a Maine based, non profit organization located in Portland and Lewiston. It is a place to make life better for people managing the impact of cancer by easing the side effects of cancer through complementary therapies, counseling and other support services for individuals and families.

We will be participating in the Dempsey Challenge, on September 28th and we need your support! There is no amount too small to help us reach our goals. We each need to raise $150, and every dollar will go directly towards cancer patients, survivors and their families.

We have formed our own team, “Furr’s & Cures” to represent two of the most spectacular ladies we are blessed with in our lives. But we will also be holding many others close to heart as we walk. If there is anyone who would also like to join us with walking, you are more than welcome!

Thank you in advance to each of you who take the time to donate to a great center. If you would like to donate by cash or check rather than online, please reach out to me.

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